2021-05-05: Put the dog to sleep or let it murder your child... umm.... How the fuck is this something that needs to be asked. I understand the left being like this, as they love to kill kids... but you? Please don't have kids, deal with your pets as you seem to think they matter more then a child.

2021-05-02: No, I didn't forget about this page for a year, I've been very busy with real life. Lots going on. Have had to make a large number of changes and still have more to go.

Like, I should be moving today but I am not. Why not? There is not one place open in this city until July, so here I am. The landlord is just going to have to take my money or keep the lease... They will try to kick us out but Covid will put them on a hook for a few days. Just have to find something open and we are all good.

2020-04-25: Ya thunk Iz furgotz ya dint ya? Been dark, comming back. Hope to remenber to update a lot more then every few months. State is on lock-down thanks to Covid-19. Told that will change here soon for my state. Trump seems to be doing what he needs to be doing other then the bullshit from the Nazi/Commie Left. That is not really anything new.

2019-08-13: #MAGA?, no we are all ready MAGA and the world knows it. Freedom is a dream for the human race, yet we bitch about the most tiny B.S. Hong Kong knows, and so does the rest of the world. Why don't we?

2019-08-10: With-in the next couple of days I will have a Tor version of the site. This is so I can keep true to my vision for this site.
No matter who you are or what your viewpoints are, there is someone that is going to attack you for it. This I don't care about, but my web-host might. The nut jobs don't just go after the people they don't agree with but their family, job, friends, bank accounts and as a first strike, their file hosting service.
I know, I've not even said anything yet, but note the word yet. I am not one of those "America First" sort of people, I am one of those "America Only" mother fuckers. FTW!
As I'm sure you know, some people just don't like that. :) I take people one on one, fuck your group think, other then Me&Mine, not one single group of people is worth a damn. I hate you all. Don't take that personal as it is not you I can't stand, but your group. As I said I take people on one on one, as a person you could be the shit, but as part of a group... just shit.
Now I'm being nice and honest about this, I'm not always so nice. So, the page will have it's dark web back up. It, and so this page, will have the not so nice things encrypted. My public key will be open to the public, so you can see what I had to say, but good luck at finding it.

2019-08-08: Day 1, I didn't find out, until after I had uploaded the site, that I could not include a file type. I really should read a TOS closer...
But, anyway... I wanted to have sort of a theme song for the page. If ya wanna hear my view for this site you can find it here. Also, just because there is a date on a post does not mean it was uploaded that same day, only that it was the date I wrote the post. This isn't a blog after all.

2019-08-08: Day 1, I'll post some shit when I fucking get around to it.